Knowledge is power. Every serious collector needs and relies on unbiased expert advice. My expertise, extensive contacts, and many years of experience can save you time and money and help you avoid costly mistakes. I have worked with many museums, businesses, and private collectors to analyze and catalog collections and set goals for collection development and care. I can act as your private curator and help you focus your collecting activities, set realistic goals, and find and acquire appropriate objects. I can also advise on museum-quality care, display, and conservation of your collections.

I can help you answer such common questions about your own collection as:

What are my collection's strengths and weaknesses? What are my strongest pieces?

What are my options in developing and improving my collection? What direction might I take?

What might I add, or sell, to strengthen and enhance my collection?

Is my collection worth having it appraised or professionally photographed?

How can I create (or contribute to) an exhibition or publication of my collection?

How and where can I donate my quilts, decoys, or other objects? What are the tax advantages of donation?

I can help you explore your many options.

I have helped individuals, museums, and companies with collection evaluation, building, and refining. I have evaluated, organized, and catalogued many collections, from relatively small private collections to large public holdings such as those at the Shelbure Museum, where I served as curator from 1981-1994. Among the other museums I have worked with are the Long Island Museum of Art, History and Carriages; the Butler Institute of American Art; the Illinois State Museum; and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

I have created stunning “Personal Catalogues” of collections illustrated with high quality professional photographs that I arranged. I can write detailed descriptions of your objects and place them in an accurate historical context. And I can add professional appraisals of each of your objects if desired.

Let me help you explore where to go next with your collection and how to take advantage of he current economic climate.

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